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  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 10-03-07 | 07:42 PM
  • so .... i've had an up and down day ... i called my dentist's office to see what they used to numb me up for a difficult cavitiy a few weeks ago on the 17th ... turns out they used lidocaine that had epinephrine - epinephrine can possibly cause defects ...
    ... so i was really feeling down ... i think i ovulate late (with my 2d baby i O'ed on day 21) ... day 21 of the cycle would have been the 18th, but we bd-ed on the 16th and the 13th ... i so wish i had just skipped the appt that day when they called to cancel it that morning! anyways ... so when my ob's office called to let me know about my blood test results from yesterday the lady told me that my progesterone levels are really high and fantastic ... my beta quan #'s are a little low but the dr. thinks it may be b/c i could have O-ed late ... anyways ... so i have to go in for repeat tests tomorrow morning ... i asked about the epniephrine thing and she said she'd ask the dr. but she told me i probably shouldn't worry since the amount they used was probably really so small ... she also said i could easily be sent over for an u/s if i (or the dr.) has any concerns ... but oh ...... these first weeks are so difficult!
  • **Jennifer** **Jennifer**'s Avatar 10-04-07 | 08:01 AM
  • The 1st weeks really are hard!!! I hope everything turns out well on your next blood draw!!!
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 10-04-07 | 09:04 AM

    Try not to worry Ellie.. if you had the dental work *before* the iimplantation I think you should be fine..

    I hope your repeat tests show perfect numbers!!
  • alla_pech 10-05-07 | 12:57 PM
  • I am sure everything is fine. Your dentist appointment was just wayyy too early on to make a difference, in my opinion.
  • Just30 10-05-07 | 07:42 PM
  • I totally know...these first weeks are so hard!! I thought I would be so elated that i wouldn't be able to come down from my "high"...instead I find myself worried and concerned about every little thing. I am so eager to get passed the 12-week mark, but I also don't want to wish away my pregnancy.
    I honestly would try not to worry about that, though. My dr told me that God has a way of giving us a 2-week window when we get pregnant, just in case something happens (drinking, etc).

    I'm sure everything is fine, but I understand that you are worried as that is what we women do...what good Moms we are!!!

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