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Waiting for test results...

Waiting for test results...

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  • wendysue611 wendysue611's Avatar 11-17-08 | 05:31 PM
  • I've been slightly MIA lately and we've just been busy bees around here! But here's an update on me...

    I decided to be tested for the cystic fibrosis gene and got my result back on Wednesday last week and it was positive. So now we are waiting on my husband's blood test results. If we both are carriers of the CF gene, then we have some slight possibilities of our child having cystic fibrosis. It's usually pretty rare that two people that are both carriers get together and have a baby. It really hit close to home because I just had a friend of mine pass away from CF in September. In fact I found out I was pregnant the day of her funeral. She is mainly the reason I decided to get tested.

    Also, I'm not sure how you ladies feel about testing for genetic defects and whatnot, but because I have such a strong family history of spina bifida, I'm choosing to go in for some special testing. I would like to know if there are things I should be prepared for before the baby comes. My aunt Barbara Jane died at 1 month old from spina bifida so I'm at a risk for that spinal defect. I'm going in on the 24th to do a "Sequential Screen" which consists of a blood test and a special ultrasound for measurements. This will let us know of any Down syndrome, trisomy 18 as well as open neural defects which is what we are really wanting to know. I will let you know how that goes. I think we might get a pic of the ultrasound so of course I will share that with you.

    Looks like everyone is doing well! I can't wait to find out what everyone is having.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-17-08 | 05:40 PM
  • I hope your DH isn't a carrier and your stress level is eased! How long do you have to wait for the results to come in?

    I'd be getting tested and stuff just like you are if there was any family history of such things. I think its always better to be prepared and in the case of spina bifida they can fix it a lot now! I know two little girls (one was my neighbor) that had this surgery and she could run and keep up with the other kids like there was nothing ever wrong.

    I hope everything comes up negative and you can enjoy the rest of your pg! Most babies are very healthy!

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holly302 (11-17-08), wendysue611 (11-18-08)
  • holly302 11-17-08 | 05:45 PM


    First off, dont you worry about what anyone says about testing and what not. This is your child. I would do the same exact thing you are doing right now if i had the issues that you are facing.

    I dont know much about CF, but I am
    that all is well with the blood test results and I hope that you are also ok.

    as far as preparing for spina you mean for the test itself? I know i had the AFP test with my first and they told me they would notify me if my results show a probability that the baby may have some type of defect (well, the ones they test for anyways) and I am all for preparing myself and my family for something that may be out of the ordinary.

    Please keep us updated and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. There are lots of ladies here who have faced some unknowns throughout their pregnancies and I am sure they can help you out.

    Im thinking positive thoughts for you!
Thank you holly302!
wendysue611 (11-18-08)
  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 11-17-08 | 08:22 PM
  • I had the AFP b/c my aunt died of spina bifida. But i didn't get any of the other stuff done. I wouldn't stress too much about it, after all there is nothing you can humanly do at this point that you aren't already doing! And there is such great technology these days that getting these screenings can help you prepare for whatever you need to prepare for!

    Good luck and I'm praying for a perfect baby for you!
Thank you Mrs.Emily!
wendysue611 (11-18-08)
  • wendysue611 wendysue611's Avatar 11-18-08 | 02:41 PM
  • Thanks ladies!

    Just after I posted my thread, my nurse called me and said DH's blood was negative for the CF gene! Yay! It's great to have that stress no longer lurking in the back of my head.

    I'm not entirely sure what happens with the Sequential Screen but I know it involves a blood test and then a special ultrasound. Then I will have to go back a few weeks later for a second blood test as long as the results don't come back positive for anything. I'm not worried about too much. The only thing I know we need to know about would be the open neural defects. Beyond that, I think we're done with tests. I'm actually excited for it since this is the first ultrasound DH will be there for before my 20 week u/s in January. And the last one, all we saw was the little bean and now it actually looks like a little baby! I will keep you updated!

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