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dlindas 09-22-10 10:40 PM

Due in May 2011
I'm in this due dates club! due May the 10th by my calculations! I'm seven weeks and was interested in hearing how everyone else is feeling thats close to my date too! I've been feeling really tired, breast sore, a little nauseated and yesterday experienced my first bad indigestion day all afternoon and evening!! And I dont ever have trouble with this!!! Also feel very bloated most the time!

Mark'sbabygirl 09-23-10 11:03 AM

Congratulations! I am in the Jan-March due date boards. We are having our second (a boy due in Feb) and we have a daughter who is 14 months. You can come join us over there if there isn't much action here. Welcome to TBC!!

Doctee 09-23-10 12:57 PM

Hello! I'm very early on, in fact I'm going in about an hour to confirm my pregnancy (2 positive home tests, and still no period 4 days later)--but according to calculations May 30th is the due date--this is my 1st and unexpected, but came shining through even AFTER taking plan b 48 hours later! BUt urgh I'm bloated and everything else as well! :-(

Noni 10-07-10 12:45 AM

Hi, I'm due May 11 and so excited! I hear you my symptoms are so similar the only thing i haven't had is nausea. I think thats because i've followed this websites advice, eat first thing in the morning and then lots of small meals! Hope that gets better for u! My first doctors appointment is this friday, have u seen you're OBGYN yet?

Doctee 10-09-10 10:57 AM

Well congrats! How did you visit go with your ob/gyn? I went for a pregnancy confirmation after my test, but my first ultrasound appt is 10/26. I haven't had any nausea either, I hope it stays that way! Just the bloatedness, and sometimes my stomach "talks back" if I don't eat, lol. Sometimes I get tired, but its not too bad.