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bursting out of the house!

bursting out of the house!

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 02-12-10 | 05:10 PM
  • Its amazing what an extra baby can do to the space in your home! Our house went from cozy to cramped really fast when Everett was born! We just started building a new house this week to take care of our issue! I can't imagine adding another baby here! It was a perfect house for 2 kids, but 4 would be claustrophobic!

  • 3Princes 02-12-10 | 05:26 PM

    How exciting! I keep going back and forth over whether to move or to keep improving our present home. I'd love to move but a) home values are way down and we'd never even make back what we have in it and 2) i look at these homes and a bigger home in our price range would need all the updating we've already done to our present home.

    We have a loan to pay off before we remodel again (which as soon as we both get back to work, we will be putting all our "extra" toward that), but it is in the plans.
    The thing is, I feel like our house is on the small side for a family of 5, but not at all impossible IF I was better at keeping stuff straight. I do have access to space at my mom's although I kind of believe if you are storing it you don't need it, but at this point... ahhh!
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 02-12-10 | 06:59 PM
  • We're renting right now, so its a great time to cash in on homes being less. Plus we have the time to build and its actually way cheaper and you get to pick out all your own stuff then buying a house. Builders are putting in a lot of incentives so they don't have to lay off their crews as well! We're getting about a 1/4 more house then we'd be able to otherwise!

    Can you refinance to save money faster and get your current home added on to or something? Adding one more person totally makes your home seem smaller then before! We didn't have any room for baby gear. Everett loved his swing though so we had it in the middle of the floor. Not ideal and I was happy to take it down and put it away! Now with the highchair in the kitchen we don't have access to the back door
    Good thing its winter!

  • Patience Patience's Avatar 02-12-10 | 08:32 PM
  • Every time I think our house is too small for a family of 4 and 2 dogs I am reminded of the 2 bedroom house my grandmother in law raised her 10 kids. Yes 10. Now she did send some of them off to seminary in high school but still. I can't even imagine. LOL!
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 02-12-10 | 08:51 PM
  • Funny thing about my house is that it is actually pretty big. We have 4 bedrooms, a living room, a den, and a kitchen with an eat in area, but we have all living space and no storage! We have turned our 4 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom house by using the two down bedrooms as storage!

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