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Child Development day to day

Child Development day to day

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  • RedHeadMomma 03-04-10 | 06:08 PM
  • have a 2 yo (2yrs and 2 months)and he is very smart, I think and can pick things up pretty quickly. I am just curious how many of you moms spend time that is dedicated to helping them learn things like numbers, alphabets, colors, etc.

    My son plays soccer, basketball, know every single card in one set of flashcards that has all objects and does so much other stuff, but currently I am trying to help him with numbers, colors, and letters.

    I plan to spend at least one hour (aside from playtime with him) to do just learning. It doesn't have to be an hour in a single setting; increments are ok.

    What's your teaching style?
    How much does your toddler know?
    How did they learn?