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Funeral attire

Funeral attire

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  • holly302 06-25-08 | 11:05 PM
  • I am having a hard time figuring out what the kids should wear. I went today and got Michael a pair of navy blue slacks with a polo top that was navy blue with pinstripes of white and one green. I found a really nice summer dress for Lola and it is green, white and navy blue. It has polka dots on the shoulder straps with big you think that would be appropriate? Honestly, it didnt dawn on me to put the kids in black until now.

    This funeral is for a co-worker of Juan's that was murdered at work a few days ago. He was a close friend of Juan's.

    Oh, and Juan is wearing his uniform and I am wearing black ankle slacks and a black button up blouse.

  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 06-25-08 | 11:21 PM
  • What you chose is totally appropriate. It is not necessary in this day and age to wear black to a funeral. You need to be appropriate. Ashley had to attend her great-grandfather's funeral last August. She wore a cute olive green shirtsleeve corduroy dress with flowers from Gymboree. To me, as long as the colors are not flamboyant, and you are wearing your best stuff, you are being respectful.

    I hope this helps!
Thank you amitrat!
holly302 (06-26-08)
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 06-25-08 | 11:30 PM
  • I agree - totally up to you.
    Of the funerals I've been to lately, there wasn't alot of 'black'... mostly just 'church attire'.
Thank you skyqueen!
holly302 (06-26-08)
  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 06-25-08 | 11:31 PM
  • my mom died on graces 2nd birthday and all her drerssed were pastel or pink so she wore a pastel green one
Thank you charmel96!
holly302 (06-26-08)
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-25-08 | 11:37 PM
  • I'm sorry for your husband's loss. It's devastating to lose someone, especially in this manner.

    As long as they are "dressed up" at all, you're fine. People aren't looking at what others are wearing, really. Now, if you take them in play clothes and you wear a micro-mini with a belly shirt, I'm sure SOMEONE will notice.

    But otherwise, it's been my experience (and too many times unfortunately
    ) that family and friends are so encouraged by your attendance that what you're wearing never crosses their minds.

Thank you Dopey406!
holly302 (06-26-08)

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