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Is it safe to...

Is it safe to...

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  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 08-30-07 | 10:15 PM
  • im the type who wont talk on the phone during a storm,turn my pc completely off and never shower during a storm, just remember being told by my mom not to and it just stuck
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 08-30-07 | 10:50 PM
  • I think the risk is next to 0%.... but the scenerio that Deanna described is what makes me HURRY through any bathing that my kids do during a storm!

    I DO power OFF my computer & tv during storms just in case of a power surge.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 08-30-07 | 10:54 PM

    I can see the reasoning behind Deanna's scenario, but other than that, I'd have no problem with it.
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 08-31-07 | 12:20 AM
  • From the Red Cross website...

    When a Storm Approaches...

    Find shelter in a building or car. Keep car windows closed and avoid convertibles.
    Telephone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity. Unplug appliances. Avoid using the telephone or any electrical appliances. (Leaving electric lights on, however, does not increase the chances of your home being struck by lightning.)
    Avoid taking a bath or shower, or running water for any other purpose. Turn off the air conditioner. Power surges from lightning can overload the compressor, resulting in a costly repair job!
    Draw blinds and shades over windows. If windows break due to objects blown by the wind, the shades will prevent glass from shattering into your home.

    It doesn't say why though.
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 08-31-07 | 12:29 AM


    This explains a bit more...

    3. Avoid water. Electrocution through water is more common than most people think. If you notice a particularly strong lightning storm raging outside, it's best to avoid using water. Don't wash your hands, do the dishes, take a shower or bath during a strong lightning storm.

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