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Seriously who beleives this crackpot?

Seriously who beleives this crackpot?

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  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 03-01-10 | 10:08 AM



    Honestly I'd like to know who in the heck follows idiots like this?
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 03-01-10 | 11:33 AM
  • Nice(sarcasm).
    I do wish that they would decide something about the healthcare issue. Trash it or rewrite to be understandable. I sick of hearing about it. Of course whatever they decide nobody will be really happy. After my experience with health insurance this past week I think something needs to be done about the way healthcare is in our country but I don't think the government is really after our best interests. But maybe they would be less heartless and money grubbing then the private insurance companies ..but then again..maybe not....double edged sword...
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 03-01-10 | 11:33 AM
  • You'd be surprised. Every president has this. Clinton had the "right wing conspiracy" and Bush had the "liberal elite media".

    Thankfully so far Obama has not blamed any one party or person for the way he is perceived. He seems to take responsibility for most of his actions.

    Not that it stops others from rebel rousing and playing the blame game.

    I think Farakahn lost any influence he had in the mid-80's. If the only "headline" he has lately is on FoxNews then he isn't a major player and Fox is really stretching for a story. IMO.
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 03-01-10 | 12:40 PM
  • You may not like Fox News personally but they are in no way not a major player. Now as far as reaching for a story on this one yeah I agree. I wasn't talking specifically about the Obama thing but this flake thinks he was put on a spaceship.