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Starting Solids Questions

Starting Solids Questions

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  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 01-19-10 | 04:00 PM
  • Thanks.... I think we may go back to the between feedings. At first we did the bottle first, but like I said, then she won't eat at all because she is full- and of course, like I said, giving her the solids first then she doesn't get enough milk. I thought this was supposed to be easier, lol! At least she likes it when she does eat her solids..she is LOVING that oatmeak.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-19-10 | 04:59 PM
  • I always started solids as a supplement to breastmilk, meaning I nurse Baby on a regular schedule and fill in the gaps with solids. If changing her eating habits have changed her sleeping habits, I'd go back to what you were doing before and figure out how to add in some solids throughout the day in a way that doesn't mess with what she's used to getting.

Thank you Dopey406!
Mark'sbabygirl (01-19-10)
  • CarolleZ CarolleZ's Avatar 01-19-10 | 09:26 PM
  • We always tried to feed Chloe food in between her regular milk feeds. We only did rice cereal a few times, and went straight into mushed up bananas and such. She really enjoyed mashed banana in her oatmeal... we had discontinued the rice cereal due to constipation.

    We used to try and get her to have a little bit of solids before bed since it seemed to help her sleep longer.
  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 01-25-10 | 12:56 AM
  • I do a little of the solids first and then fill up on milk. Before Kingston goes to be I give him a bottle thickened very heavily with cereal to satisfy him for a good night sleep. He would usually hold off for 6-7 hours, but since the surgery he's been waking up every 4-5 or less. Right now with him I'm only giving one solid once per day, then milk the rest of the time. He usually gets his solid for dinner. Then later in the evening his thickened bottle before bedtime, which for us is about 1-2am.

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