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Horrible nightmares

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  • Motheringat17 01-31-13 | 01:28 PM
  • Ok, so I don't know if I am pregnant yet, but for the last week I have been having vivid, messed up dreams about my husband leaving me for his ex girlfriend. I have had one dream where he had me shot. And in the dreams I told him, "you would leave me while I an pregnant"? And then I woke up angry and I would look at him. But I never had dreams like that before
  • carissastyle 05-26-14 | 03:30 AM
  • This happens when you have several questions that comes in your mind again and again.I think you should talk to your husband and clear this matter otherwise you will tend to have such dreams daily.
  • CatherineFerreira 07-23-16 | 02:17 AM
  • Yes I agree with carissastyle, clear things out with your husband.
  • Stemed83 08-23-16 | 06:22 AM
  • You are seeing such dreams because your mind is disturbed. I think you should talk to your husband and solve the issues if you have any.
  • HazelY 10-19-16 | 11:27 PM
  • I agree with the above posters, something is disturbing your mind. Have a straight talk with your husband and clear things out.