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How to find a good surrogate mother?

How to find a good surrogate mother?

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  • Anari 09-05-17 | 07:01 AM
  • Girls, we need your advice about the surrogate mother. At the forum a lot of girls write to us, they want to become a surrogate mother for my sister's child. But is it risky to use the service of an unfamiliar surrogate mother? I know that it is better to seek a surrogate mother in a surogacy clinic. Because there women are "casting" for this role. There they are interviewed by a psychologist and also these women undergo a medical examination. But independent surrogate mothers constantly write to us on e-mail. They say that they already have experience that they will ask for less money for their services. But we are embarrassed, but what if an independent surrogate mother starts blackmailing our family with an abortion? Or she will lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and if she changes her mind to give us a child? We probably go crazy! You know, I wanted to ask, what will you do about this? By the way, when I was going to write this post, I had doubts. And when I finished this post until the end, I realized that peace of mind is more expensive than money - it is better to choose a surrogate mother from a clinic for surrogate motherhood. Who has experience in finding a surrogate mother?////
  • magicunicorn 09-08-17 | 03:17 PM
  • Hi Anari.. I don't think it is a good idea to find a surrogate mother by yourself. I wouldn't do it.
    It is always safer to do it through a reliable clinic. As you said, they choose potential surrogates based on several tests and under certain conditions. They have the legal matters taken care of too.
    I would recommend you to contact a specialized clinic in surrogacy and do it through them.
    Good luck in your research..
  • panchal 09-12-17 | 09:29 AM
  • Hi
    You took a right decision to find a surrogate mother through the clinic itself. It is better to pay more than doubting unknown persons. I think the clinic hires the best and appropriate girl to help you in surrogacy. The clinic can seek out all the legal issues between you and surrogate mother which probably you might not know. There are plenty of surrogacy clinics nowadays. It is very common now and finding a good surrogate mother is not at all a problem. You just leave everything on the good surrogacy clinic. I want to share my experience here. My relative was infertile and they were keen for undergoing surrogacy treatment. So, they started searching a girl who can help them out in becoming a surrogate mother. They found one, at the day when the treatment had to get started. She didn’t turn up and refused because she was in greed of more money given to her. Hurriedly, my relative said ok to her and got ready to pay her more than the previously decided amount. After that, everything went well.
  • Anari 10-09-17 | 11:16 AM
  • Hi girls, thank you for your attention, for supporting me, thank you for having responded to me. We still decided that it's a bad idea to look for a surrogate mother on our own. We also have to pay for peace and result. We decided that this can be very dangerous if we make a mistake in this matter. In addition, all the independent surrogate mothers (those who are not in the clinic base) did not ask about the terms of the contract, but only asked about the money. And when we asked if they understand what they should do, none of them answered in substance. When we talked to one of the girls on Skype, she told us that she does not want to sign a contract. We were very surprised and immediately began to doubt. She said she would ask for less money if we refused to sign the contract. But this greatly embarrassed us. Then she began to ask for the first cash contribution, but we refused, as we insisted on signing the contract. In addition, we began to think that she wants to take the money and maybe then just deceive us. This case helped us, we realized that we ourselves can not cope and then we found a clinic. We decided that you do not need to save money on a surrogate mother. Because then we can lose more money and time. Moreover, we began to look at all so suspiciously that we could not adequately assess any of the women. It is better to spend more money, but to save our nerves.
  • EmmaLK 11-23-17 | 10:35 AM
  • Hi there. It's definitely a very bad idea to look for an independent surrogate. You will have a lot of problems with her. What if she decides to keep the baby? Who will protect you in this case? We were going through surrogacy with the help of medical center. They took care of everything for us. We didn't have to pay extra money for examinations or for the surrogate search. This all was included into our package. As usual, all medical centers have their own database of the surrogates. They all are mentally and physically healthy. The surrogate will stay under doctors' control for 9 months. So, you won't be worried because of unhealthy lifestyle or abortion. Sure, you will pay more money. But in the end you will get your healthy baby.

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