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Default need advice !!

If I had a baby once, can I be infertile now?
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Yes dear, Secondary infertility is the name given when the problem arises in a couple who have been able to get pregnant in the past. Sometimes a new factor, such as an infection, has damaged the reproductive organs since the last child was born. Sometimes the aging process makes it more difficult for a couple to conceive, even if they had no problems when they were younger.

Secondary infertility is even more common than infertility in couples who have never achieved a pregnancy.

Generally, the diagnosis and treatment is the same. However, couples with secondary infertility may make different treatment choices as they take into account the needs of their other children. Overall, treatments are somewhat more likely to work in women with secondary infertility than in women who have not previously become pregnant with the same partner.

Couples with secondary infertility may wish to seek emotional support specifically geared to their concerns. These couples often report that they feel caught between two worlds. They feel alienated from those who easily create families of the size they want, while at the same time they are envied by childless people with infertility.

"My first baby was born at 36 - no problem. I got pregnant the first try. But, three years later, I didn't get pregnant." INFERTILITY PATIENt
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Yes. Even if a woman or a couple already have children, a diagnosis of infertility is possible. This is due to the fact that most causes of infertility appear throughout life. The diagnosis of infertility is made only for those women who have not had a pregnancy within 12 months of pregnancy. If a woman has never planned a pregnancy before, then it's safe to say that she is infertile, can only if she does not have ovaries or a uterus.

Virtually always infertility has a cause: ovarian disease, uterus, hormonal disorders, etc. If the gynecologist has informed you that you are infertile, be sure to specify the cause of infertility.

If the cause of infertility is clear to you, then consult a gynecologist about infertility treatment methods in your case. You will need to find a good clinic and consult a doctor. He will tell you more about your problem. But in any case there is a way out of this situation. If you very much want to have a second child, then you can use the service of surrogate motherhood. Or to learn or find out from the doctor, whether there is a sense to do or make procedure IVF. In any case, you can use donor eggs. But the service of a maternity in any case will help you. Do not get upset, because in any case, you already have one child.
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Unfortunately, girls above are right. You can be infertile even if you have a baby born. Secondary infertility can be caused by different factors, including your age. As usual women over 35 have problems while ttc. In your case the only person who can answer your question is your doctor. You should try to figure out the reason of your infertility. It will help you to find the most appropriate solution. Nowadays a lot of women need medical help to get pregnant. The statistics is terrifying. Such clinics as BioTexCom do their best to help infertile couples. IVF and surrogacy are the most popular options today. A lot of women go for surrogacy, because they desperately want to have kids. And it is absolutely normal. Our baby was also born by the surrogate and we don't regret. He is a great kid.
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