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  • Payday1989 10-14-11 | 12:45 PM
  • I keep dreaming about having a baby or someone being pregnant, am I just crazy or am I ready for another one? I am not with Max's dad anymore but I have been seeing another guy and he loves kids and he's great with max. I want another one but I don't want to go through what I went with through with Max's dad. It was complete nightmare and I am scarred.
  • Payday1989 10-14-11 | 01:32 PM
  • My last af was on Sept 26, I should be due around the 23rd of Oct for next af, but now I just started cramping and we had sex on 26th (didn't know I had af at time) oct 2, 9, 12, 13? Weird for cramping or no?
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 10-14-11 | 01:48 PM
  • I would wait until you have a stable married relationship. Not only do you not want to go through what you did with Max's Dad- it wouldn't be fair to Max or a new baby to put them into a situation that wasn't good or stable.
  • Payday1989 10-14-11 | 03:55 PM
  • I know-we aren't trying-its just weird symptoms that I haven't had before and needed advice.
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 10-16-11 | 10:09 AM
  • Our bodies play such weird games with us! It really isn't fair that AF symptoms are so similar to pregnancy ones. Sending hugs!