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  • Payday1989 10-26-11 | 01:05 PM
  • Today I'm due for AF and it hasn't come yet, I took a test this morning and it was neg. I hope it does come
  • Payday1989 10-29-11 | 12:20 PM
  • Well AF came and I'm glad but it was clotty and weird (tmi) sorry
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 10-31-11 | 08:29 PM
  • So sorry. I hope it goes better next month.
  • CheatHacker 06-10-17 | 02:48 AM
  • This is very helpful topic for me. Thanks

  • Anari 08-15-17 | 07:56 AM
  • Honey, you do not need to despair. Not all men are like Max's father. There are aggressive men, but there are kind and caring. And maybe this man with whom you meet now is very good and will be a good father. But if I'm wrong, and you meant that a nightmare is a pain at birth, then there is also a solution. You can use the service of surrogate motherhood. Your eggs will be connected to your husband's sperm and injected into the body of another woman. She endures and will bear your child. And you do not have to endure the pain during childbirth again. But I read that you have scars. Is it scars because Max's father beat you? Or is it scars from cesarean section? In any case, you can use the service of surrogate motherhood. But if you do not have this problem, then do not push your new man away. He will be able to become a father to your son Max.