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  • Black & white 02-19-06 | 12:07 AM
  • I am going to name my baby Kimberly. One of my friends told me she will get nicknames because of her name being so long. I don't want for her to have nicknames but I knew she'll get them eventually. Does anyone have any I ideas for nicknames?

    Here are the ones we are thinking about, tell me what you think:
    1. Kay
    2. Kimber
    3. Kimmy....we still don't know about that one.
    [SIZE=2]Thank you so much!
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 02-19-06 | 01:06 AM
  • My niece's name is Kimberly, and we sometimes call her Kimba. It's really cute and unique.
  • susie susie's Avatar 02-19-06 | 01:33 PM
  • I had a friend named Kimberly...everyone called her Kim or Kimmy.
    My daughter's name is short and she still has 3 nicknames! I think they are unavoidable
  • MariahsMommy 02-19-06 | 04:24 PM

    No matter what the name is, there will be nicknames
  • Black & white 02-19-06 | 05:48 PM
  • I guess you guys are right, there will always be nicknames. We are thinking about calling her Kay fot her nickname but do you guys think it fits? We were thinking of it because her name starts with a "K"...Again Thank everyone for all your help!