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honest opinions please

honest opinions please

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  • mamabee mamabee's Avatar 03-20-08 | 12:55 PM
  • I like Jalynn much better than Jayden but think Jaelynn is a better spelling(or Jaylynn). With Jalynn you risk people pronouncing it with a short a sound (rhyming with alan). Jayden is too popular and makes a better boys name IMO. The fact that Lynn is your middle name makes an even stronger case.
    I actually like the sound of Jalynn Marie Carol better. Marie does roll off nicely next to Markely with the double M but I don't like Jayden(or Jalynn) and Carol next to each other. It feels a little uncomfortable when I say it out loud.

    Owen Paul is a good strong name for a boy and sounds good with your last name. My only critisism would be that Owen Paul looks and sounds a little blunt. I'd probably pick a more indulgent middle name but that's just me. Deciding names is so hard and since Paul is after your husband I think you should definately stick with it.
  • crazyanimallady 03-20-08 | 06:07 PM
  • Thank you everyone for your opinions.. my husband likes jayden for the girl name better than jaylynn.. we are stuck on owen paul. so it is just the toss up with Jayden or Jaylynn ( I like your spelling of Jaylynn better mamabee thank you )..
    thank you everyone again.. not even preg yet but hoping
  • babybug4 babybug4's Avatar 04-07-08 | 09:54 PM
  • I definitely say Jalyn over Jayden.
  • Rainbo 04-24-08 | 01:18 AM
  • Owen Paul is a nice combo. I don't care for the other ones mentioned.
  • burrismm 12-08-09 | 01:54 PM
  • Quote de crazyanimallady
    ok im not pregnant yet but we have already got names picked out so tell me what you think..
    Jayden Carol Marie Markley
    carol is my moms middle name, marie is my husbands moms middle name so she will have 2 middle names

    Owen Paul Markley
    Paul is my husbands middle name

    but we are kinda torn between Jayden or Jalynn ( lynn is my middle name )
    so whats do you all think?

    first off mam, you dont have to please everyone with everyone elses names. i like Jaylynn because you are putting you in it...and i just like that name