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Input please!

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  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 05-08-08 | 08:13 PM
  • So DH & I have tentatively agreed on Jonas Aaron for boy #2. For short he could be Jo/Joe.
    We wanted a name that is not ultra popular, but yet not so "out there" that people have never heard of it - this fits the bill by being in the top 400 (as of '06) and has been steadily rising in popularity since 1991 to its current place.

    Specifically we want to know:
    >Does it sound OK with Lucas? "These are our boys Lucas and Jonas."

    >Lucas' middle name is Allen. We wanted a similar sounding name overall, but is it too similar? Lucas Allen & Jonas Aaron.

    >Initials would spell J.A.W. which might lead to some minor teasing, but shouldn't be a huge issue. (Not like H.O.G. or F.A.T.)
    DH's brother happens to have the same initials and I'm not aware of it having been a problem. The worst teasing possibility I can think of is "Joan-ass".

    Anything we haven't thought of that you girls think might be an issue?
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 05-08-08 | 08:26 PM
  • I like Jonas a whole bunch!!!
    Not such a fan of Aaron for boys, but it all sounds good together!!

  • 3Princes 05-08-08 | 08:37 PM
  • i like it.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 05-08-08 | 09:57 PM
  • I really, really like it!!
    EXCELLENT choice!!!
  • hayley27 hayley27's Avatar 05-09-08 | 08:47 AM
  • I like it!!!