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Our name choices...

Our name choices...

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  • DeeElizabeth DeeElizabeth's Avatar 04-16-08 | 11:21 AM
  • DH and I have already picked out the names we like for both a boy or a girl...
    [SIZE=2]For a boy we like Leeland Jack. It's the same name I had picked out if Mara had been a boy. Jack is after my Dad and Leeland is just a name we both liked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]For a girl we like Ivie (or Ivy/Ivey) Katherine or Ivie Christine. That's the only girl name we could agree on at all! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]So what do you all think? [/SIZE]
  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 04-16-08 | 11:44 AM
  • I like Ivy Christine. And Leeland is cool.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 04-16-08 | 11:52 AM
  • I think both name choices are very nice.
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 04-16-08 | 12:24 PM
  • I really wanted to use Jack for a boy, but apparently someone in dh's family that I've never met has that name and so we can't use it (although sometime in the future we might anyway bc there have been other names used twice, and if we never see this guy, then what does it matte?!) Leeland is neat!

    I also like Ivie Christine! Very pretty!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 04-16-08 | 01:25 PM
  • I like them both. I prefer to spell it Ivy--just less confusing later.