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WDYT of these names?

WDYT of these names?

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  • kls09 04-09-09 | 05:25 PM
  • I like Kate and Mira the best.
  • PariBbbb PariBbbb's Avatar 07-12-09 | 02:31 AM
  • I agree, ive never heard Kearsy before but it sounds lovely, Ayla also or Aylo possibly? it sounds dreamy

    I think hadley sounds a little harsh for a girl a name like kearsy is much prettier

  • hoodie 10-19-09 | 08:04 PM
  • Cute names! Kearsy is pretty. I really like Mara or Kate. Kyra is nice but might get mispronounced a lot (I'm not sure whether to say it K-ear-a or K-eye-ra