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What do you think of....

What do you think of....

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  • KJCsabre KJCsabre's Avatar 10-06-06 | 05:06 PM
  • Thanks for everyones imput!!!
    Rudi I want to thank you especially because I really LOVE to hear the compliments but the "eh I'm not really a fan" comments help me more!
    I am over analytical when it comes to this stuff... hahahahaha... I love to hear other people's ideas. Thanks!
  • susie susie's Avatar 10-13-06 | 11:31 AM
  • I think Belle is cute for short of Isabelle. I even like Bella more!
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 10-13-06 | 11:42 AM
  • I voted that I love it...if I ever have a baby girl, that is the name we have chosen, Isabella, so we can call her Bella, Belle, Issy,
  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 10-20-06 | 12:59 AM
  • Old fashioned names are making a come-back. I like Isabelle/Belle a lot better than some others I can think of.
  • Christineb Christineb's Avatar 10-20-06 | 05:40 PM
  • That is my nieces name (Isabelle) they call her bella, I just love it.