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What do you think of the Girl name Gianna?

What do you think of the Girl name Gianna?

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  • Ryla210 05-19-07 | 09:07 PM
  • Do you think its cute? Do you like it with Owen? What would be some nick names? And how do you pronounce it?
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 05-19-07 | 09:17 PM
  • I love that name and people might call her Gi-Gi for short! It's cute!
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 05-19-07 | 09:37 PM
  • I think it's cute, and could easily go with a sibling's name of Owen. Some nicknames that come to mind for me are Gi (pronounced just like the letter "G"), GiGi (pronounced just like that only twice over, "G""G"), or even Anna or Ann. The name itself I'd pronounce Gi-Anna (said "G-Anna").
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 05-19-07 | 09:40 PM
  • It's definitely cute. And I hear it pronounced like Gee-ON-a (like Gianni Versace--but with an a at the end instead of an i).

    And it's cute with Owen.
  • Emery Emery's Avatar 05-19-07 | 11:10 PM
  • My friend has a little girl named Gianna and I love that name.

    They call her Gigi, G and some have called her Gia.