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TheDockerys 06-04-15 02:30 AM

Sad I'll never get to use
So after 4 kids we are done done done. Our last was our only little girl. Am I the only mommy sad I can never use the names I loved? If our lil miss Gypsi Grey had been a boy the name we choose would have been River Thompson....I am so sad I'll never have a lil boy to use that name lol. Am I just silly?

Forester0513 07-04-15 05:20 PM

No not at all! It was always a battle between my husband and I, for my first three their dad always suggested all these wierd Greek names! I just had my last one 7 weeks ago and I'm a little bummed I never got to use some of my favorite picks.

BabyCayde 12-26-15 11:30 AM

No... I feel the same way!

meikahidenori 03-06-16 03:00 PM

I can never get my other half to like the names I do so I wrote up a list, and underlined ines I liked then let him do the same. any name we both lined was what we where going to go with. thats how dd got her name and I dont regret picking it that way. I dislike names that people change the spelling or letters in to make it look different so I was happy my partner felt the same... hell I hate when i see my own name written wrong, as the meaning of my name is pretty cool. it means 'boomerang' and it just looses thatwhen someone spells kylie 'kylee' - BELGH :p

coachfrog 04-08-16 08:20 PM

My husband named both ours and I was okay with our son's name but had a different name I would have lived to name our daughter but had to keep the baseball theme going so maybe if I ever have a granddaughter I can put the bug in my kid's ear