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6 weeks and won't take a bottle

6 weeks and won't take a bottle

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-31-04 | 11:14 AM
  • You might want to try having DH wrap the bottle in your nightshirt (or anything with your "scent" on it). I've heard that can help with some babes. What time is he trying to bottle feed? We started EBM when Sarah was about 4 weeks and DH always fed her at the 2am (or whatever mid-night) feeding--she was sleepy and hungry, so she'd take it quite readily. DH would get up to change her while I heated up the bottle that I'd pumped earlier in the day. Then he'd rock her in the dark (as screaming as she'd be) until I got there. He'd snuggle her close and hold her in an "almost nursing" position so it was somewhat familiar to her. He'd stop her half way and burp her (as I would on the switch) and he'd turn her to the other side. He essentially simulated nursing, except with a bottle. He'd even be shirtless, to be skin-to-skin with her...until she tried to latch on to him...then he started wearing a shirt!

    Good luck!
  • Teeks Teeks's Avatar 08-31-04 | 11:22 AM
  • We skipped the bottle with both of our daughters and went straight to a cup. Dh would put warmed BM in the cup and slowly pour into the girl's mouths. It was the only way that I could get away for a few hours. I am not saying that they didn't cry for me, but dh did a good job at soothing them and atleast I knew that if they were hungry that they got fed.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 08-31-04 | 11:37 AM
  • Great idea, Deanna! Other than that, I don't know what to tell you..
    I hope it gets better. We tried a bottle of water one time with my dd and she absolutely refused to suck on it.
  • waiting2Bblessed waiting2Bblessed's Avatar 08-31-04 | 01:49 PM
  • Thanks, ladies.

    DH tried feeding Brody a bottle for over 30 mins last night. He screamed the entire time and at the very end (when it appeared as though he was going to drink it) he gagged and threw up big time. Both of them were pretty distraught by the end of it.
    Poor little guy didn't have much energy to nurse after that - he was totally wiped out. We are determined to try again tonight. Might try wrapping my shirt around the bottle, that is an interesting suggestion. I'm not sure dh would be willing to do the middle of the night feeding but it is worth asking.

    You are all so great for responding to my question. Thanks so much!

  • montanachic montanachic's Avatar 08-31-04 | 02:06 PM
  • I have no advice
    Ryland never ever took one once and he is 18 months! I had the same exact problem where he would gag and throw up if you put a bottle in his mouth. My dr. said to not force it on him, that it could mess up his eating habits later on. I'd give him some time and maybe try again in a few weeks
    We haven't had a date in at least 18 months
    but I figure its one of the things we knew came along with having kiddos!
    Good luck, and keep us posted

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