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? about letdown

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  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 02-04-05 | 06:06 PM
  • How many times do you all let down when nursing? I tend to do it usually twice.

    I asked my OB about meds that can increase your supply, and she has put me on Reglan. I took that when I was pregnant for nausea, but didn't realize it will help increase your supply.

    I am hoping it works. I am also going to contact a lactation consultant to see if I truly have "hypoplastic breasts". If I do, than the Reglan won't help.

    After I try all of this, if I am still having to supplement, I will probably stop, and start formula. I am going to try a few things first, so that I know I tried everything.
  • Sheeeva Sheeeva's Avatar 02-04-05 | 06:36 PM
  • I have only one let down at the beginning of the feed. When I put Shaelyn to the second breast there is no let down.
    I hope you get some good news from your dr.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 02-04-05 | 07:11 PM
  • hmm... I can't recall..
    but -- I'm wondering if you're too tense and this is why you're having a bit of a challenge as well..

  • DanieH DanieH's Avatar 02-04-05 | 08:29 PM
  • I only get one letdown after a couple of seconds of her eating.
  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 02-04-05 | 08:44 PM
  • I am tense, but am trying to relax. I am a very high strung person anyway, and I get stressed easily. lol

    I usually letdown once when he starts, and if he stays on that side longer than 15 min, I will let down again. Then when I move him to the other side, I let down again.

    Does this sound normal?