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Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

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  • osrasi osrasi's Avatar 08-16-09 | 05:08 PM
  • I had a breast reduction almost 20 years ago and at that time wasn't planning on having any kids so really wasn't to concerned with the possibly of breastfeeding afterwards. Well plans changed and we are currently expecting our 3rd baby.

    With number 1 I did get some milk supply but honestly had to start supplementing him with formula soon after he was born. I continued breastfeeding for a few months then stopped and went with full formula. I wasn't really offered support or information and honestly didn't look into it myself.

    When expecting number 2 I was determined to try harder and did more research. We bought a good breast pump but I ended up renting the industrial grade one that the hospitals uses. I was prescribed the max dosage for Motilium which didn't seem to do much. I ended up giving up after only a few weeks. I found it was too stressful but always felt like a bit of failure for doing that.

    Now with number 3 on the way I had considered not breastfeeding at all but have since reconsidered that choice. I have started to do more research and realized maybe I gave up to soon with the others.

    I ordered a book by Diana West : Defining your own success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reductions - Has anyone read this? It was recommended to me by the health unit nurses.

    And also found a site call BFAR (Breastfeeding after Reductions) that has lots of great information.

    Lastly, I came upon an article that talked about Herbal supplements that may help - Fenurgreek, Goat Rue (Also called French Lilac or Holy Hay), Shatavari - Has anyone taken any of these ?

    Just wondering if there are others ladies with similar experiences that have had success and can give me encouragement that it will be a more positive experience this time round.
  • megr 08-16-09 | 05:46 PM
  • every baby is different!! I had a very hard time w/ milk production (no history of breast reduction). I tried More Milk Plus (got once at whole foods and once on ebay) by mother's love. It has the herbs you mentioned and some more. I also went on Reglan (they give it to adoptive mothers to help produce milk). Neither one really worked for me. I'm expecting #2 in December and will try again, and I think I will take the herbs from the start. Good luck, do what ever you are comfortable w/ for how ever long. I felt pretty guilty about the whole thing, and that is hard w/ all the hormonal changes. Healthy, growing baby!!
Thank you megr!
osrasi (08-16-09)
  • alb526 alb526's Avatar 08-16-09 | 08:05 PM
  • I had some fast growing tumors and had them cut out and reduced 14 years ago. Prior to that I had sucessfully BF'd DS#1. With #2, nothing came in, my surgeon had warned me that it was a probablity with as much mass as I had taken out, the majority of my ducts were gone. Same with #3 but now with #4 I was surprised to leak some during the pregnancy from one side only. After birth I was a little engoraged on that side but more so in my armpit. 3 weeks after birth my milk came in suddenly. My OB encouraged me to try to nurse one sided but DD#4 is having suck swallow issues and was taking gavage feedings at the time. Now I'm all dried up. Good luck! And thanks for sharing the website, I'll check it out.
Thank you alb526!
osrasi (08-16-09)
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 08-17-09 | 02:15 AM
  • congrats on baby#3!
    I have never took anything but I have heard a lot about the different herbs working for many woman! there is also several different prescription drugs so if one did not work you might try another kind.
    here is a link to a site about different types.


    the best way to increase supply is to nurse, nurse nurse! and try to avoid supplementing. If you do have to supplement try and pump in between nursing to increase your supply even more!

    Many woman think they are not making enough when they are, because babies seem to want to nurse often. But that is not really in indicator of not making enough milk! The only way to really tell is to keep an eye on diaper count and weight to see if baby is getting enough. he/she should have 6-8 wet diapers and lots of poopys to! and slow weight gain is ok as long as the baby is not losing weight!
    But with having a breast reduction it is common to not make enough so! Do lots of research and keep a good eye on diaper count and weight gain!

    It may also be good to have a lactation consultant that you can see for the fist month or so just for support and reassurance! You can find one through your hospital and /or join a local group like

    good luck and congrats again!

    Last edited by imagine; 08-17-09 at 02:21 AM..
Thank you imagine!
osrasi (08-17-09)

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