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Breastfeeding with a baby in a Pavlik harness...

Breastfeeding with a baby in a Pavlik harness...

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 09-04-09 | 05:58 AM
  • Kara is 8 weeks on Saturday and despite an earlier tongue-tie (which was 'un-tied' when she was 11 days old) we had nursing down to a fine art.

    But her diagnosis of DDH last week and having to wear a Pavlik harness until christmas is causing her (and therefore me) some problems as she can't seem to get comfy, and fusses a lot. Has anyone got any advice? Neither of us get on with the rugby/football hold.
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 09-04-09 | 11:57 AM
  • I have no experience with hip dysplasia, but the only thing I can think of is nursing her in a reclining chair if you have one. Maybe she can lay on your chest and get comfy that way if you are mostly reclined?
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 09-04-09 | 01:58 PM
  • Does the harness keep her straight? I am not familar with it. but what about laying down and her laying next to you? I know this can be a pain to do every time she eats. as for the foot ball hold I nursed DD#1 and DS and I could never get it down... Then DD#2 had an IV in her head & I had to learn and it was one of her favorite once i figured it out. get a lot of pillows and sit on a open space surround your self in the pillows up to the height of where Kara would lay and be able to latch on then lay her beside you on the pillows. did that make sence??
    I hope the time she has to wear the harness goes by quickly.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 09-04-09 | 08:15 PM
  • Aww... I was wondering about that! I don't know what to do but I would say it will just take some getting use to and then you'll both be pros by December and it could possibly take some adjusting again because she will be use to the
    If it's the cradle hold she likes maybe you can just lay back a bit and turn her belly towards yours so that your belly to belly! it will be awkward for a while but kids and young babies adjust to new things very quickly! I watch a little girl who had to have full leg casts on both her legs to straighten them and after a week she was all over the place she learned to crawl with them on and even pull herself up on the furniture! lol
    You might be able to Google more about the harness and maybe find others who have nursed with it on that might have some advice!
    I hope it all works out and you both adjust soon!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 09-04-09 | 08:24 PM
  • Here is a thread I found on LLL's site


    and this is a book called The Parents' Guide to Hip Dysplasia.

    This link should get you to the online book so you can read the book online! I think it's like page 41 that talks about nursing but there is lots of other info that might be helpful!


    Last edited by imagine; 09-04-09 at 08:39 PM..

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