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chapped lips

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  • holly302 02-05-08 | 01:13 AM
  • lola has some seriously chapped and caulous (sp?) lips. it is a normal thing for bf babies to get chapped lips?

    i found some chapped lip/cheeck cream by Baby Beaudeux (sp?) and it has really made a difference.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 02-05-08 | 06:13 AM
  • I think this time of year dry skin and chapped lips are likely for anybody, including newborns and breastfed babies. Sounds like you've got it covered. You might also try running a humidifier in her room or turning up your central humidifier if you have one.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 02-05-08 | 05:21 PM
  • I don't know that they're exactly chapped.
    Babies (of all kinds, BF and bottle) have their skin peel when they're new. Especially that little nursing blister on the top center of their upper lip. Just seems to be peeling skin more than chapped.
    I never put anything on my babies lips and it fixed itself right up.
  • holly302 02-05-08 | 05:57 PM
  • she does have a nursing bubble on the center of her upper lip. the skin is peeling off, so i assumed it was chapped. the lip balm worked miracles, it is almost gone.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 02-06-08 | 01:49 PM
  • nope. Not chapped. Totally normal.
    If the lip balm is making it look better, more power to you.
    But I'm pretty certain that it doesn't hurt the babies and it quickly resolves on its own even if you do nothing.