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  • imagine imagine's Avatar 11-02-08 | 11:31 PM
  • my 15 month old is sick and wont nurse at all! he nursed for a few seconds once today and other then that nothing so Im now in pain and he is crying to nurse but as soon as I try he pushes away and cried even more. this has been going on all day and all last night to.
    I have not pumped since he was about 6 months old so when I tried to tonight it hurt real bad and I only got about half an oz and was still in pain afterwards

    so I have a few questions.
    will I dry up if he donít nurse tomorrow or tonight either?
    and what's the best way to ease the pain if this happens?

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  • eek042900 eek042900's Avatar 11-02-08 | 11:58 PM
  • Cabbage leaves are heaven! Just put them inside your bra and replace once they wilt. If you are still going to nurse after he gets better, I just wouldn't put too many on there because you don't want to dry yourself up.

    It will hurt when you pump, if you are very engorged. It will get better as more of the milk is released and the pressure goes down.

    Feel better you and your little man!
Thank you eek042900!
imagine (11-04-08)
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 11-03-08 | 01:18 PM


    I remember when I first came home from the hospital and tried to pump my engored breasts, I didn't get much. It's easier to get something out when they are little squishy or softer. I took Tyelonol and let the hot water from the shower massage some of the pain away. I've heard that cabbage leaves work great, but was told in BF class not to use more than 3 times b/c you don't want to dry yourself up. I copied a link to the Le Leche League website article about engorgement. I would try getting the shower and manually expressing/massage and then try pumping right after.

    I hope you lil one feels better! Maybe he doesn't want to nurse b/c his nose is stuffy? Try some saline drops if you haven't already.
Thank you MrsS1stbaby!
imagine (11-04-08)
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 11-04-08 | 10:48 AM
  • thanks! I was finally able to pump just enough to relive some of the pain. And after over 24 hours of him not nursing he walked in a saw me pumping and all of a sudden wanted to nurse again. he is still sick and wont nurse at all during the night but during the day he is nursing at least a few times! I donít mind if he weans but I just hope he does it slowly and will not do it cold turkey like that because the pain and engorgement was real bad. I was not able to sleep or eat and I could not hold him to comfort him because it hurt to bad for anything to touch me. Iím glad itís over and he is starting to get better.

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