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flying w/a nursing baby

flying w/a nursing baby

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  • loveslife 01-25-05 | 01:12 PM
  • Hi ladies. I have to fly next week and need suggestions on flying
    w/a breastfed baby. She's at the age (6 mth) where her favorite time
    to pop off the breast is mid-letdown
    Should I have a bottle of juice
    or water handy for her to play with? She won't drink a bottle, just
    play with it in her mouth. I don't think I could handle breastfeeding her
    on the plane and spraying all over.....thanks in advance for suggestions
    or stories of experience
    ............krista Oh, it's only a 2 hr flight, and then
    another hour flight after a layover
  • donann donann's Avatar 01-25-05 | 01:41 PM
  • I have only flown with a newborn so i am sorry but I don't have any advice regarding her pulling off at that time. If she will take a bottle, it couldn't hurt to have a bottle of water handy.

    The one advice that I was given was that you should put her to your breast during take off and then again (if you can) when you are landing. It helps them cuz their sucking stops their ears from popping.

    hth and hope that someone can help you more than me

  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 01-25-05 | 04:17 PM
  • Well, I have traveled with a nursing baby, but she never pulled off mid letdown.

    I guess you could have one of those cloth diapers/burp cloth right there, so if she did you could catch the spray??

    Other than that I am not sure. IA about having the bottle for her to play with.
  • eek01 eek01's Avatar 01-25-05 | 04:48 PM
  • When we flew with Carolyn, she wasnt even interested in eating. She was 13 weeks, but she did nurse every 2 hours. Good luck and I hope that you find an easy solution! Enjoy your trip!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 01-25-05 | 06:05 PM
  • it is best to nurse on take off or on the descent to help keep the ears clear. But on such a short flight, it'll probably be hard to time it just right.
    a pacifier does the same thing for the ears....

    What I did to help minimize the dripping etc was have a cloth diaper and I would wedge it under my breast and over the rest of my lower belly. That would keep the dripping off my clothes, then I would have another one in my free hand to 'damper' the breast if they popped off. Since you're nursing in tight quarters, it's probably best if you have a cloak to go over your shoulder and the baby's head. That way, you can do all that under cover and without flashing the whole row.

    Practice nuring undercover before you fly though, because if the baby isn't used to that, they can really object about being covered up.

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