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Liberty is 8 mths she will be 9 mths the 23 Dec and has questions....

Liberty is 8 mths she will be 9 mths the 23 Dec and has questions....

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  • LCM2003 09-16-04 | 11:09 PM
  • Liberty is our first together. I have four others and never gave them milk until they were old enough and they are 6,8,9 and 14. My hubby son as I mentioned earlier is 14 but he says it never hurt his boy so it won't hurt Liberty....

    now back to one of my original questions: how do I wean her off the breast to a cup? I do not want her on formula at all and if possible no bottle. She does wake at night to feed yet...

    Her full name is Liberty Cheyenne


    Liberty Cheyenne~12-23-03
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 09-17-04 | 01:57 AM
  • Well, you'll have to wean her to a cup of milk at one year of age.
    She'll know how to use a cup by then because she'll be drinking water and juice by then really well.
    It's just a matter of introducing a cup of milk during a meal -- lunch is usually the easiest to make the transition with at first. Once she's ok with the lunch time cup of milk you can nix one of those mid-day nursing sessions (or do it while you're introducing the milk at lunch) Wait a couple weeks, then add a cup of milk for breakfast. Drop the morning nursing session (this is usually done by way of distraction mostly
    ) Last to drop is the bedtime nursing session when you add milk to the dinner.
    Now's a good time to start being more firm about NOT nursing in the middle of the night. She's waking not because she's hungry, but because it's a habit she's gotten into. Comfort her instead of nursing her. She'll probably protest for a couple days. If you want, it sometimes helps to offer a sippy cup of water instead of the nursing session. AFter a couple days, when she realizes that all she gets is water and a hug, she'll decide it's not worth waking up and won't anymore.

    oh, and they want you to wait for a year to reduce the risk of allergies to milk. If there are no allergies on either side of the family, you probably have a better chance of Liberty not having an allergy either. Some peds are starting to say that 9-10 months of age is acceptable to introduce milk. So it's not like it's a hard and fast rule... just a good suggestion.(that the American Acadamy of Pediatrics has spelled out)

    ps - I like the name too...
  • pheebe pheebe's Avatar 09-17-04 | 09:55 AM
  • Nothing wrong with cow's milk ... if you're a baby cow. For humans it's much more of a mixed bag.
  • LCM2003 09-17-04 | 10:03 AM
  • Thank-you for all the info and
    for liking her name.

    my husbands dad died of liver cancer less than a month after we got married then we miscarried sept.8 and that leads to sept. 11 so bad events that ended the year 2001. We name her after the initals LCM after his dad.
  • LCM2003 09-17-04 | 10:26 AM
  • Thanks for all the info and
    thanks for liking her name.
    my hubbys dad died of liver cancer shortly after we married..them sept.8 miscarriage and 9-11 so 2001 ended bad.
    after his dad we took his initials and got her name LCM.

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