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Question about Exclusively Expressing ...

Question about Exclusively Expressing ...

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  • 3Princes 04-04-09 | 10:24 AM
  • You've gotten great advice. I know you've made your decision, but I just wanted to tell you that it took 6 weeks to really get in the swing of things, and know my body, my breasts, so to speak, etc. I don't know how easy it would be to switch it up at a week. I always got a lot when pumping so I never had that problem. I would also give a bottle during that first week too, so that the baby doesn't have a hard time switching. My kids had no "nipple confusion" whatsoever, but I know other babies have.

    I am soooo happy for you!!
    Good luck!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 04-04-09 | 10:59 AM
  • My only advice to you is to not make a 'decision' yet until your miracle is here
    wait and see.... and it's important to be informed to know what to expect, and to have an idea of what you want-- but BF is such a personal experience between you and your baby that it's very unpredictable.... you may love it, he or she may hate it or vice versa.... and every baby is so very different-- my first was very textbook and easily switched between breast and bottle, my second would not 'work' as hard for the breast so he preferred the bottle, and my third was so easy to BF that we only stopped bc I needed the break really....

    I originally thought I would exclusively pump- i worked full time and thought it would be best for baby to take a bottle, and dh to participate-- and honestly the thought of BFing kind of creeped me out.... but in reality it was a different experience the I could have ever imagined or 'planned' for ykwim?
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 04-04-09 | 03:49 PM
  • I don't want to saying anything if you have already made up your mind about pumping exclusively, but I did want to say that especially in the beginning you need to pump as often as baby eats, to try and keep up your supply and keep you and baby on the same page.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 04-04-09 | 04:32 PM
  • I never had luck with pumping or getting ds to take a bottle but I have heard that the medela is a great pump. Also I have heard that it sometimes takes 4-6 weeks before you can pump out enough to satisfy the baby. a baby is much better at getting the milk out so what ever you do dont think that the amount your able to pump is all the baby is eating when they are on the breast because it's not. it's normal for a woman to only get on oz or even less when they first start pumping. If your not able to get any milk out just keep trying because you will get more and more milk as time goes by. You might have to wait 4-6 weeks before you start to get any more out.
    The best advice I ever got about breastfeeding is not to give up if you really want to do it. Itís a little hard at first but only because itís hard to tell how much the baby is getting and they want to nurse often. Sometimes even every 30 min itís normal and it might make you think that the baby is not getting enough to eat and this can hurt your confidence and make you want to give up but as long as baby is having wet and poopy diapers 6-8 wet diapers a day she/he is getting all the milk they need. You can pm me any time you need help I think Iím on your facebook also! Good luck and congrats on your little one!

    I have got a lot of help from the La Leche League website and hotline I go to the but here is one for the UK I believe.

  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 04-05-09 | 03:59 AM
  • Quote de 2babygirls
    Why not continue BFing instead of pumping?
    Because Neil and I share our home with a young man (who has an autistic spectrum disorder), and it will not be appropriate for me to risk exposing any part of my breasts in-front of him, and I do not want to leave him for long periods of time while I go upstairs to feed. We also want him to be able to bond with the baby, and so if he can feed the baby with me or with Neil supervising then I feel this will help a lot.

    I actually wanted to exclusively express from the start, aside of putting our baby to the breast when it was first born, but our LC advised to BF for a week to get my milk supply established.

    I plan on using the Playtex drop-in system bottles, and even though they're not widely available in the UK our LC knew about them and said that her SIL had used them and said she had very little problem transitioning from breast to bottle with 2 of her children.

    Last edited by Tracey and Neil; 04-05-09 at 04:04 AM..

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