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  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 06-17-09 | 02:51 PM
  • Holly when did you start supplementing with formula?
  • holly302 06-17-09 | 02:57 PM
  • he was 8 wks old when he got his first bottle...but he only drank an ounce. it took him a good week to really drink 4-6 oz. I dont have to go back to work until he is 5 months old, BUT if i had to go back at 6wks, I would start him on a bottle after he's a week old. I think that first week is alot of adjustment for you and the baby. Im not an expert, so if someone who knows more than I do tells you different, then do whatever is best. Im just telling you what I would do. I would start the bottle with ebm and about two weeks or so, I would put alittle formula for her to get used to.

    Do you want to completely stop bfing once you go back to work and just give formula? if so, then slowly put more formula in the bottle until its all formula. If not, then start pumping after 2wks (dont pump too crazy..thats what i did and got mastitis 3
    and start saving it for daycare.

Thank you holly302!
Keepers (06-18-09)
  • Eskie Eskie's Avatar 06-18-09 | 10:14 AM
  • Both our kids nursed and went to daycare at 6 weeks - no formula for them. They both nursed until 18 months+ with whole milk introduced at 1 year.

    The laws are around breaks and lunch. You can use them for pumping. You just have to schedule around your day. I would arrive early to work and pump right away - then pump at both my breaks and lunch time. It mattered more to me to do the pumping than try to time it to when dd was eating. That caused to much stress - I just did it when I could fit into schedule without causing problems at work.

    I changed work locations at about 7 months (same company, new building/new boss). That was very stressful because new location was not conducive to pumping. I would sit in the phone/network maintenance room as the only room with door and no windows with my back to the door to stop anyone from entering. I was the first of 7 in office to use this room and it was stressful. They were not overly supportive but just said get your work done and here you can use this room. We tried to get a lock installed but they weren't buying that. It worked.

    Good luck - it isn't easy but for me the benefits of health and simply the time to be with my baby was worth it.
Thank you Eskie!
Keepers (06-18-09)
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 06-18-09 | 11:22 AM
  • Holly I do still plan on BF when I go back to work. I hope to be able to give her EBM as much as I can. I guess it is something that I will have to figure out while I am out on leave with her. Thanks for all your help!!!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 06-18-09 | 06:50 PM
  • If you want to EBF I would try to avoid formula all together because your milk supply will go down. The less your baby nurses/or you pump the less milk you will make because it's a supply and demand thing. your body only makes with it needs to make and the only way it knows what it needs is when the baby nurses or you pump. It is hard at first but people EBF and work all the time so don't give up and remember that it gets easier each month, and if you need help or support there is tons of it here. Also if you go to
    you can find a group leader in your area that will have a lot of help and support and may know more about the laws in your area.

    I did not pump and my son would not take a bottle so I dont have a lot of advice there but I would start pumping and stocking up your freezer before you go back to work so that if you can only pump on your breaks you will still have enough milk to send to daycare. And if you start a schedule of pumping before and after work and once or twice at work and even on your days off it should be enough to give the baby with out needing any supplements.
    good luck and congrats if you need any help come here and ask, no question is crazy. And the LLL is great help in all areas even If you need help with getting a good pump your LLL leader may even have great resources in your area for getting discounts or even free pumps in your area.
Thank you imagine!
Keepers (06-18-09)

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