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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 08-25-09 | 10:51 PM
  • Well, I am... Athemia's not quite ready though... so I don't know what exactly to do.

    The schedule right now is this: Athemia wakes around 6:30 and I let her be in bed with me and she can eat as much as she wants on one side until I wake up ready to "flip her" to the other side, then she's on there as long as she wants (bad habit, I know.) Then she gets one side at naptime and at bedtime she gets one or two sides depending on how fast she falls asleep (usually both sides.)

    Now I'm ready to start weening her. She turned a year old on Sunday and she LOVES milk and eats just about any kind of table food we eat so I'm totally ready to ween her. My question is how? Having two others that BFed you'd think I would know! But Sienna weened herself and I don't really remember from Douglas! I think he weened himself too!

    So where do I start? She falls asleep best and fastest at naptime, but that's also when she most expects to get it. Seh has issues already at bedtime, but is more willing just to snuggle in my arms in the dark. And at 6:30 in the morning it will soon start to be DARK still, so she might (HOPEFULLY!) start sleeping later into the morning anyway.
    I don't want this to be too stressful on either of us, so ANY and ALL advice is more than welcome! Thanks in advance!!!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 08-26-09 | 12:10 PM
  • I have heard it's best to drop feedings one at a time, start with the least favorite and the one you think will be the easiest, and wean from that first. That's what I have been doing. Lincoln is a little older (he is 2) so it's different but I just tell him that he only gets "nunnies" at night time. He is old enough to understand it now. we are down to once at nap and once at bedtime. most the time he falls asleep nursing and then I lay him down and he stay's asleep. if he wakes up he dont get to nurse again. I know that early morning was a hard one to break because I enjoyed letting him nurse while I got more sleep but once he got use to not nursing he started waking up less and less to nurse. now he don't even ask to nurse once we are in bed because he knows I wont let him. but it took a few crying fits to get him out of the habit. lol now Im trying to figure out which one will be easy to drop next. bedtime or nap time. I tried not letting him nurse at nap time and he wont nap at all and so last night I would not let him nurse at bed time and he did cry for a while but it was not too bad at all and he fell asleep after only a few minuets.
    Also I learned that as long as I don't say the word "no" he gets over it easy. I will just say go night night or I just pat his back and don't say anything. If I say no he has a big fit and wont stop for a long time and I give in so I dont use that word when he wants to nurse now but I still dont let him nurse either.

    Last edited by imagine; 08-26-09 at 12:12 PM..

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