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SO ready to wean

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  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 09-21-04 | 11:09 AM
  • (Kevin still asks to nurse too...) This weekend he was soooo sleepy and wanted to nap, but he couldn't fall asleep on his own. He asked to nurse I said no. He was doing really well... not even asking until recently.
    But at 3 I just say No and normally he's ok with that. No temper tantrums....
  • 22Tango 22Tango's Avatar 09-21-04 | 01:29 PM
  • We just finished (well, almost) weaning Karenna at 2 years.

    We started about 2-3 months ago while TTCing, and she was down to 3 nursing sessions per day. I'd been told to drop the longest session (morning) last, so we started with the before-bed one. Since DH helped with the bedtime routine, we just dropped Mommy from it gradually...instead of Daddy doing story, etc. and then Mommy nursing, I'd nurse her downstairs and then DH would take her up to do bedtime routine and put her to bed. Eventually we just dropped the nursing and she'd be so busy with bedtime routine, she'd forget. That was pretty easy!

    Naps were going to be a problem, I thought, but then noticed she'd fall asleep in the stroller or car if it was near her naptime. Since she had recently been able to stay asleep once we got home and I removed her to the crib, I just planned my days so that she'd be more likely to fall asleep outside the home without a nap. Then later I could put her to sleep (I'd do a similar routine for nap as DH used for bedtime) without the nursing. I think it helped that she was already used to falling asleep at night without it!

    Morning nursing I've been slow to give up -- since I get an extra 10-15 minutes rest while laying down to nurse. Actually, she's been weaning herself by skipping days (sometimes as many as 4!), and now I'd say it's almost done. I imagine that her last nursing was either 3 days ago or will be sometime this week, since she's definately not as interested, and would rather have her oatmeal right away now!

    Good Luck weaning Melody!!!
  • Chris10brink Chris10brink's Avatar 09-21-04 | 04:52 PM
  • Thanks ladies! These are some really really good tips.

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