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Update & questions....

Update & questions....

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  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 12-14-08 | 12:05 AM
  • So, Kendall will be 5 months old tomorrow. I am still pumping 3 times a day at work and she nurses once at night, usually around 7:30-8pm before going to sleep. The milk I pump is not quite enough for her during the day, so my mom has been supplementing with formula for the past month. She is also been eating a spoonful or two of rice ceral for the past week or so after her morning bottle. My mom says Kendall is a "lil piggy," I think she drinks about two 7oz and two 4.5-6 oz bottles of BM w/added formula. When we nurse at night, it used to be for 20 minutes each side,. But now, it's about 15-20 minutes on one side and then about 7-10 minutes on the other. She's very distracted and often pops off to look around and is always grabbing at my shirt, face, hair, whatever is within reach. If it is just me and her, I can usually get her to pay more attention to eating, but if Daddy walks in and especially if he is talking, she just has to stop and see what he is doing.

    Is this normal? Will she go back to eating more later or will it continue to get more difficult to get her to pay attention? Or this is the first stages of self-weaning?
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 12-14-08 | 12:54 AM
  • it is very normal for a 5 month old to be incredibly distracted while nursing. Not only nursing, but when drinking a bottle as well. I always insisted that my children were in my arms to eat and even when I moved them to the bottle, I insisted that they lay in my arms to drink their bottle. It doesn't take too long for them to realize that they do want that milk so they'll pay attention as you ask. But you do need to remind them....
    you set the tone and the pace. Be serious with her and lay down the rules or she'll be doing the rule making. (which, btw, would probably be requesting a buffet that she can eat at for a few minutes here and there frequently )
Thank you skyqueen!
MrsS1stbaby (12-15-08)
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 12-14-08 | 02:58 PM
  • It's normal and yes it may get worse the older she gets. When Lincoln was that age and would get distracted I would say done and take him off. and he would be done for a while but someitmes I would just have to make sure there were no distractions in the room and only nurse him when he cried for it.
    no that he is older he only nurses for nap and bed time so when he starts plying I tell him all done and dont let him nurse again for a while, and when he gets to nurse again he is usualy more tired and will fall right to sleep.

    Last edited by imagine; 12-14-08 at 03:02 PM..
Thank you imagine!
MrsS1stbaby (12-15-08)
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 12-15-08 | 10:18 AM
  • It figures that she would make liar outta me as soon as I write this post!! I try to nurse-only on the weekends, and only do bottles of BM or formula if we are out-n-about. Yesterday she did very well, 15-20 minutes each side and no popping off to see what was going on. Just straight business with eating.

    I have another question though. At this age, are their eating times usually strected out more? Or is it still every 3-4 hours? Which I guess every baby is probably different, but I was just wondering.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 12-15-08 | 02:48 PM
  • they are all different but the more you add in solids the more strected out the times will get, but she may still want a bottle every 3 or 4 hours untilll she is 12 months or older or untill she is eating mostly solids! and even then she may want to eat a meal ever 3 or 4 hours! lol toddlers are so picky that giving them 5 or 6 small meals a day is better any ways!
Thank you imagine!
MrsS1stbaby (12-15-08)

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