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SoccerPlayerMom 08-01-12 12:20 AM

Is it possible to overfeed your baby when you're exclusively BFing?

MollysMommy 08-01-12 11:45 AM

Baby knows what he/she needs and will eat according to those needs, and will stop when he/she doesn't need anymore. Your body and milk production is a supply and demand system. So, your body will make as much milk as your baby needs.

MrsS1stbaby 08-01-12 01:39 PM

Agreed ^ - your baby will learn when to stop when he/she is full and how to cry when they are hungry!

Carmie 07-29-14 11:13 AM

Hi there, they are all right. The baby will stop if he/she is already full and had enough of milk.

amanda21 12-28-16 11:05 PM

Yeah, you need to control the intake of the baby to prevent them from some problems such as obesity.