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  • p1p3r p1p3r's Avatar 10-20-06 | 01:10 PM
  • I'm pregnant with #4 right now and having been researching information regarding tubals. There's a new method out there called 'Essure' and it would have been great to have posted there asking others' feelings about this option.

    There's also MANY other contraceptives out there and many women who have questions, concerns about these...
    Perhaps reading info on the effects of the Mirena IUD for several women would reaffirm her decision... maybe she had a personal question about how it was inserted and didn't feel comfortable asking her doctor... or any number of things.

    Definitely something to think about.
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 10-20-06 | 03:17 PM
  • That's actually kind of a good idea.