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  • bellavita 12-14-12 | 12:07 AM
  • About a week ago I started feeling pregnancy symptoms. I would have on and off nausea through out the day, my breasts were much fuller and bigger, and i was constipated. This morning I woke up with tingling nipples, sore breasts and lower back pains. The past few days I have also been experiencing some cramping. Tonight at work I experienced lower back pains, mild abdominal cramping and i noticed a brown discharge. I've been waiting to take a test until saturday morning because ive been having so many symptoms. My period is due in two days. Is the brown discharge implantation bleeding? Am I having my period? or is this just bleeding that occurs in early pregnancy? I would really like to know so i can start taking care of myself better in the event that i am pregnant so the baby is safe. I had no severe nausea today, but my breasts are very sore. The spotting is light. Please help!
  • Reeya 12-14-12 | 02:46 AM
  • it seems you may be pregnant, i had almost same symptoms but i had dhiarhea instead of constipation, and i am pregnant, you need to take a pregnancytest. and that brown discharge may be from implantation. good luck
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 12-19-12 | 01:19 PM

    to The Baby Corner. Did you test? What's the latest?
  • cheychromy 01-24-13 | 07:08 PM
  • I would def. have to guess that you are. What did the test results reveal? Good luck. Babies are such a blessing
  • mama2bee24 04-19-13 | 03:35 PM
  • Congrats it sounds very much like you are pregnant! dont panic, the discharge sounds like it could be implantation bleeding which can accur very early on, but even if its not, some bleeding during early pregnancy is common and doesnt always mean something is wrong.
    All those symptoms you mentioned like back pain are all the same symptoms I experienced when I found out I was pregnant around 5 weeks and they lasted up untill now, (10 weeks) my only symptoms now are extreme fatigue and sore nipples

    Good luck and best wishes xx