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  • Amber22 Amber22's Avatar 04-18-06 | 01:06 PM
  • I had a post with a slide show of my girls, in my post.. the next day (today) it was removed saying its not allowed in "signitures" well my post was NOT a signiture and i never seen one thing saying it was not allowed in post.. i have posted tones of these, and seen others post tones of them.. I am just a tad bugged by this and would like some kind of explanation.. i would have sent a PM but i dont know who to send it to
  • icerayn icerayn's Avatar 04-18-06 | 01:14 PM
  • We didnt realize how large in size these slideshows, etc are. TBC now has a new policy that flash slideshows and other flash files are no longer allowed. You are able to set the flash files in your profile. Also all signatures with flash files have been replaced with the message you saw on your post.
  • Amber22 Amber22's Avatar 04-18-06 | 01:17 PM
  • well since you have this new rule i think you should add it to the terms because no where in there does it state it is not allowed.
    I changed it on my post to the link to the site.. is that allowed?
    Seems like less and less is being allowed on this site..
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 04-18-06 | 01:24 PM
  • Amber, we are working on changing the terms and conditions. Please feel free to add your slideshow in your profile.. This is why we made the ability to customize your profiles. Too large of a signature causes the site to slow down. So as a curtosy to the other members who may not have high speed access, we ask that signatures be kept to a minimum. Flash is no longer allowed in signatures effective immediately. Please do not link to the website, as this is not allowed. Instead post your slideshow in your profile.. then you may make a new post telling the members to go take a look.

    Thank you.
  • Amber22 Amber22's Avatar 04-18-06 | 01:27 PM
  • :::::sigh:::::: now since when has a link to a photo website not been allowed?

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