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summer saftey tip

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  • meikahidenori 03-06-16 | 03:45 PM
  • alot of people are thinking, 'how do I keep baby shaded from the sun?' simple, stay indoors or in the shade if need be and out if the heat. you probably might have seen suggested to cover the bubs stroller or pram with a wet mulin wrap, however doing so is fairly dangerous. twice as many babies are admitted to hospital (especially in australia) suffering heat stress or heat suffocation due to parents covering the only open air part of their pram with a cloth or thin sheet. there are studies that show after an hour in the sun, being under a thin blanket is the equivalent of leaving a child in a locked car on a hot day. if you must go out, slip, slop, slap ( wear appropriate clothes, use sunscreen and put on a hat) and you will be alot safer than covering the only way to ventilate your pram. babies do not sweat, and can suffer heat related stress so quickly and if you like me and live under the 40 degree aussie sun chances are you'll also be roasting the poor child from the inside :/ if you still dont think this thing is dangerous, I invite you to watch on you tube matt moran's unconventional oven, where he cooks a roast in a car in an hour. that's why this is extremely important not to do this practice.