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Why Does Your Baby Cry? - Baby Calming Tips

Why Does Your Baby Cry? - Baby Calming Tips

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  • mercyy 02-29-20 | 06:19 PM
  • The way in which you respond to your babies crying and the way in which you provide him or her comfort will influence the bond which grows between you. There is certainly no risk of spoiling your child by responding to his or her cries and by the same token, it is not possible to provide a baby with too much love. By attending to your baby when they are crying you are showing him or her that you care which all goes to help form the deep love and relationship between mother and child.

    Babies cry for many different reasons and the trick is for you to understand what and when your baby cries to enable you to provide the comfort required. Do not forget in the early days your newborn will cry quite a lot of time but this is simply a communication method for your baby and not necessarily indicating a problem. Once your child has settled in to his new environment and you begin to develop a routine which caters for the likes and dislikes, the amount of crying will steadily start to decline.

    Understanding what is making your baby cry is the key, and in the majority of occasions hunger is the most common cause. You'll soon learn to understand when your child is crying because it is hungry and the first action is to ensure you feed on demand. A newborn baby will require feeding around every two or three hours.

    Fluctuating temperature is also a common cause of babies crying. Becoming too hot or too cold will cause your baby to become uncomfortable given they are unable to regulate their own temperatures and can very easily become too cold or hot. It is therefore important to be vigilant and keep a check on your baby's temperature. Firstly it is best to ensure that your baby's room is kept at a temperature of 18° or 65°F which will provide the optimum temperature. Contrary to popular belief, soiled or wet nappies do not ordinarily cause your baby to cry but only when the soiled nappy becomes cold.

    Newborn babies do not like to be undressed even if their surroundings are warm. This is purely down to a security and comfort feeling whereby all the protective clothing has been removed causing your baby to feel exposed and therefore cry. It is best to keep undressing to a minimum during the first few weeks of your newborn's life.

    Baby Calming Tips

    1. Rocking motions sooth your baby therefore try rocking him or her by walking around holding your baby on your shoulder

    2. Ensure your baby is comfortable in a pram and then gently push it backwards and forwards in a soothing motion

    3. Placing your baby in a bouncy seat which makes him or her rock very gently is a good method

    4. Place your baby securely in a car seat and either rock gently or hop in the car and go for a ride

    5. Turn on the radio or television or do some vacuuming

    6. Distract the baby with the noisy but friendly toy

    7. Carry your newborn baby next to your body in a baby sling

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