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Why Pocket Diapers Are Better Than Disposables

Why Pocket Diapers Are Better Than Disposables

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  • Nancy Erick 01-11-15 | 11:42 AM
  • Hi everyone

    A Beautiful article by writer Kathryn McDowell recently I read liked to share with you

    Why Pocket Diapers Are Better Than Disposables :

    As a young parent, you've no doubt heard of pocket diapers. Perhaps a neighbor or a co-worker told you about them. Or it was your babysitter, who asked you to get them soon. Well, so many families in America are today turning to pocket diapers for their little ones. But a majority still holds on to disposable diapers, while being curious about pocket diapers at the same time.

    Why are diapers so great? For a start, pocket diapers come with brand new fabrics and super absorbent pads, are easy to put on, simple to take off, easy to wash and quick to dry. And they are better than disposable diapers.

    They are Cheaper
    Until your child is potty trained, you'd probably spend something close to $2500 to $3000 on diapers - which is quite a lot. Biodegradable disposable diapers are even costlier. But with pocket ones, you won't have to spend anything more than $350 to $400, till your child is potty trained.

    Your Baby Would Look Cute
    Of course, your little one would look cute anyway, but as a parent, even you'd conclude that because of their varied colors, textures and patterns, they are far more attractive than disposable diapers.

    They are Environmentally Friendly
    Do you know how many disposable diapers an average baby uses till she is potty trained - 6000! Indeed, it has been estimated that around 3.5 million tons of diapers end up in landfills year after year in the United States. What a terrible waste! Just think about the entire carbon footprint, the plastic which is used in these diapers, the trees that are cut down, the chemicals that are released to the environment.

    This is such a waste of precious resources and so damaging to the environment. And pocket diapers? You'll have bought a pack with around 25 pocket diapers when the baby is still a newborn, use, wash and reuse them, till the baby is potty trained. Really, there's no contest here!

    No Harmful Chemicals
    Disposable diapers have a really dangerous chemical called Dioxin, which has been described as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Equally nasty is Sodium Polyacrylate, which has been found to cause allergic reactions, and can be dangerous for your pet dog or cat. While it's true that manufacturers have been making an extra effort to keep these chemicals at a minimum, why take the risk.

    Use of Disposables May Have Unforeseen Consequences Later
    While more research has to be done on this, some scientists in Germany have come to the conclusion that using disposables as a child may cause some adult males to have a low sperm count, several years later. Again - there is no conclusive evidence on this, but why take the risk?

    As you can see pocket diapers are a safe and economical choice for your child.

    Article source : goarticles

    by Kathryn McDowell

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