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Having a really hard time making new posts Print Version

skyqueen 06-08-07 04:16 PM

Having a really hard time making new posts
yesterday and today have been very difficult for me to post posts.

I write a new post, then hit the submit button - and I end up with a white screen where at the bottom it says "done" on the grey line and ... nothing....

this has happened over and over.... :help:

BnBMommy 06-08-07 04:20 PM

:hmmm: I am not sure why that would be happening, but I will let admin know and see if they can help you out!

skyqueen 06-08-07 07:45 PM

still happening.

Not a problem replying to posts.. just starting new ones :curse:

Mellie 06-08-07 08:04 PM

Have you tried logging out, clearing cookies then logging back in? Sometimes that helps. :)