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Contest problem Print Version

Caramel223 09-29-14 05:45 PM

Contest problem
I tried to submitt my daughters picture for the last two months and have yet to see her picture listed. 😞. This will be my last time trying to submit her . If the third time doesn't work then I will just give up all together. I've sent request for glitches to be fixed and for the most part they were fixed but still did not see my daughters picture. Hopefully this third time works. I have already submitted my daughters pictures and just waiting for approval so that she will show for the month of October. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all works out and that I can finally let my family and friends know when to vote.

Elizabeth 09-29-14 07:52 PM

I apologize you've had a hard time getting your daughter's photo entered. I just checked, and your photo will be included in this next contest. In the previous contests, it might have been that the photo did not upload correctly. Often I see photos that were submitted in the wrong format, and those do not show up, and unfortunately get denied. You should have received an email with an explanation.

In the future, check to make sure your photo is visible on the Manage Photos page at

lmills 10-21-15 03:56 PM

Any luck with entering contest yet?

coachfrog 04-08-16 08:21 PM

Is this usually a problem