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photo contest trouble Print Version

peanut butter 04-19-15 11:21 PM

photo contest trouble
I would like to enter my baby into the photo contest but everyone I click the link it tells me to register or log in. I'm already logged in, so am I doing something wrong? How can I enter her in the contest?

meganwalterdpt 04-20-15 05:33 PM

Me too! Any luck finding a solution?

peanut butter 04-20-15 06:08 PM

No. It took me all the way through the process finally and said I would get an email link for family and friends to vote for her. I never received a link and her photo was not put up. Now is doing the same thing in telling me to register or log in. It's very frustrating!

lmills 10-21-15 03:55 PM

Any luck yet. Trying also to enter!