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Anyone else clawing their way back?

Anyone else clawing their way back?

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  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 08-25-06 | 09:18 PM
  • We got into deep trouble a few years back when DP got diagnosed with Cancer & I got cut from FT to PT and then laid off. I ended up working with a trustee and paying out a Consumer Proposal. A proposal is the step before bankruptsy, you go through the courts and you and all your creditors negotiate what you will pay back. I ended up paying $46,000 back to creditors (cc & credit line debts) and we are now one month away from discharge. We have lived on cash only for the past 3.5 years and it has been a real learning experience and very humbling. Once discharged, I will still have my credit rating flagged for 3 yrs but can work to improve it during that time. One thing I do know is I will never ever ask for a credit card amount for more than I think I can safely handle and I will only ever have one card...I think I had over 10 on the proposal.
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 08-25-06 | 09:27 PM

    We are! I posted on the other message how much we are in debt. I don't count our home, because if that sold we would actually make a ton of money, we still owe $92,000, bought it for 95K, but it is listing right now at $265,000. Anyway the biggest part of our debt is my student loans. Granted I needed to put myself through college and if I hadn't I would have the job I have now, but we need to get rid of that debt asap.
  • range range's Avatar 08-25-06 | 09:42 PM
  • wow one more month that is great..

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