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Car hit a milestone

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  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 12-14-06 | 01:40 AM
  • I wasn't sure where else to post this, but wanted to share that our car (a Nissan Altima) hit the 200,000 mile mark.
    I know in a recent thread that several of you strongly urged buying used cars, but we bought ours new in '97 and have been driving it ever since. I would buy a used car if I was planning to buy another vehicle within 3-5 years, but would encourage the option of buying a new one if you intend to keep it longer than the life of the loan. We so totally enjoyed owning a NEW vehicle and loved the fact that we had zero car problems for at least 7 years with it. Of course there was standard maintenance and tire replacements and DH had to do an engine overhaul back in the spring. We do have to baby it along a little now, but our next car will most likely be new one. It has been nice not to have a car payment and I'm not looking forward to having to fit that back in the budget, but unfortunately we're going to have to think about a newer car soon, especially if we want to expand our family.
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 12-14-06 | 01:43 AM
  • That's awesome!! There are always pros and cons to both new and used cars. Good luck in getting your current one to keep on the long haul until you're ready to start looking for a new one.
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 12-14-06 | 04:14 PM

    I definintely much as I'd like to buy my cars outright...anything I could go in and pay cash for, would probably be needing constant maintenance. We will buy used...but only a couple of years old. I will not be suckered into an extended warranty though! I did that once before and it was the biggest rip off! It's better to just find an honest mechanic that you trust.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 12-14-06 | 04:27 PM

    That's awesome! 200,000 is quite an accomplishment!

    We buy used cars that are only a year or two old. You CAN do it and get a good deal. You can get a certified used car with the regular warranty and an extended powertrain warranty and save yourself thousands of dollars!

    Here's what Dave Ramsey says about why to buy used instead of new. There are additional links at the bottom of the page:

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 12-18-06 | 09:41 PM
  • 200,000 is a great, great milestone indeed!!! keep the ju-ju coming for that car!!

    We will have to decide if we want to buy out our lease next November. I can't even think about it right now. ugh!! $$$$

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