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Gonna try my hand at "couponing"

Gonna try my hand at "couponing"

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  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 02-05-12 | 11:10 PM
  • I just signed myself and a friend up for a couponing workshop in a couple weeks. We have got to find a way to start cutting back on things and I hope this will help.

    I've always thought it was amazing that people can save that much, but did not think I had the time for it. It seems like those women spend many hours a week scoring for scales, organizing coupons, and then driving to several different stores. There is no way I will have time to be that dedicated. I clip coupons and use them, but they never seem to have what I need. Or I end up getting a different brand (or store brand) b/c even with the coupon the other brand is still more expensive. So then I leave the store with all these un-used coupons. Plus you can't double coupons at any of the stores around here. And we have never had a strict schedule of when we do the shopping, so even though we spent $226 yesterday ( I know!!!!!) the last time we went was 2.5 weeks before that and we spent $193 that time. Time before that was happened to be about another 2.5 weeks and we spent $155. Hmmm, also very inconsistent, isn't it? And that doesn't include the trips to WalMart or Target for other things.

    So despite my reservations about if it will work for us and if I will have the time, I'm gonna give it a go!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 02-06-12 | 10:06 AM

    Good for you! You might be surprised to find that it doesn't take as much time to do it because there are professionals who blog the good deals for you!

    Have a great time and don't forget to come back to give us an update on your experience!
Thank you Dopey406!
MrsS1stbaby (02-06-12)
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 02-06-12 | 01:21 PM
  • Good luck - hope it pays off!

    I'm really bad at rembering to use the coupons that I take the trouble to find.
    My most recent and my most stupid "coupon" f-up! I took all the bottles in to the recycle place, got a check for $12.43...handed it to the cashier when I checked out my groceries, and two days later looked on my receipt and noticed the cashier didn't credit me for it!
Thank you 2babygirls!
MrsS1stbaby (02-06-12)
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 02-06-12 | 01:38 PM
  • 1 question: I posed the question on FB that if you are only shopping for what is on sale and you have a coupon to go with it, how do you plan meals? Someone responded with a website, but it is a charge. I am trying to save money, not spend it! How do you do it? Currently, we pretty much shop when we are out of things- food, paper products, etc.

    Although, after perusing a few couponing blog sites, I realized I need to get ink for my printer and pray that it stills works, lol! We ran out, like....4 years ago and just never bought anymore. If need directions or something, I just write it down or forward them to my work email. But my work email blocks those coupon printing sites.

    And if I start a stockpile of stuff, I will need to purchase some shelves for the garage to store it all b/c our pantry is tiny.

    I know I can probably ask these things at the workshop, but I want to start preparing for this.
  • Kit25 02-06-12 | 09:22 PM
  • I realize the whole couponing thing is really big right now and bound to get bigger. But what i have found a most of the time is that the coupons i have found are for items that i dont normally buy. Just because its higher in price. So it really comes down to the fact- are you buying it because you usually do or are you buying it just because you have a coupon. Also, most items such as canned soup and veggies along with certain boxed items ARE all packaged in the same plant, for both the brand name and generic. Most things out there you can't tell any difference between the two except for boxed mac and cheese and pre-made cookie dough. Those two if you are going to buy it you may as well buy the good stuff. Other than that the way i have found we save the most money is buy buying non perishable stuff at Aldi or Save-a-lot, for example : cereal, pasta, koolaid mixes, chips (mostly just tortilla chips those alone cost minimum of 2.50-3.50 in the regular grocery store, at aldi 1.39), canned veggies and the soup bases that i use the most in things, cream of mushroom and chicken, tomato etc. you can get a flat of 12 for less than $8. Their frozen stuff is pretty good as well, turkey for 99 a lb year round, get the biggest one you can find since all turkeys have the same amount of bone mass if it weighs more you are getting more meat and a better deal in the long run. they also carry ground turkey for 1.39 a lb its frozen and if you get it in the regular store frozen that also can run 2 or 3 bucks, or more if you get it fresh. I try to time it so that i stock up on that type of stuff when i get my taxes back. That way when i dont have time to buy fresh veggies, we still have some in the house. I have a huge chest freezer and keep tabs on the meat sales in the area, or just find out when they mark the meat down during the week, buy a bunch, cook some and freeze the rest. As long as you dont leave it in the original packaging it lasts quite a while. When easter and thanksgiving come around, grab an extra turkey and ham. Sometimes the hardest part of all is planning meals since there are times there is so much in the house but none of it is what you want to eat. Keep a recipe box of your fav. recipes and try to get the most out of the stuff you cook, find casseroles to reuse leftovers or just start making your own recipes. its always handy to keep a couple of boxed dinners etc on hand that you can just add meat etc. to when you dont really feel like doing a whole lot. good luck!!

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