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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 03-10-09 | 05:07 PM
  • Dh and I have two vehicles. We have one that is paid for and is getting very old that we are letting BIL use right now until he has enough money to get a different car (his broke down and was not worth fixing.) We HARDLY use the car, dh sometimes takes it to work and that's about it.
    Our other vehicle is a van we bought last summer. We have 5 years of payments on it total (so we've made I think 9 payments now), $290/month. We LOVE the van, but it's kind of getting the better of us in the way of payments (this combined with our house payment and other regular monthly bills.)

    I know Dave Ramsey would say sell the van and get something inour price range, but I was almost thinking we should sell the car that we hardly use (after BIL is able to get himself a vehicle, which should be fairly soon), and use that money to pay off some other debt so we can put the payments to the house and van.

    The bad part of it is, it's a 1994 Sunbird, so I'm sure we wouldn't get much for it! We have one credit card, the van, the house and regul;ar bills that we make payments on, and then one school payment. We don't make payments on the school one (it's FROM school, not a student loan, and there's NO interest) I *think* we have not quite $2000 to pay for school, the credit card I think has about $8000, then the van and house payments. My question is, *IF* I can talk dh into selling the car, how much should we attempt to sell it for (it runs fine, most of the underside parts have been replaced recently, it's a bit rusty but nothing awful, and it gets GREAT gas mileage!), and then what should we put the money towards?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 03-10-09 | 05:31 PM
  • You're right that Dave would say to sell the van.

    But if you're going to sell the 1994 one, look on for the fair market value and expect a bit less that.

  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 03-10-09 | 05:37 PM
  • have you looked at both kelly blue book's website and

    Edmunds is more accurate, but it's good to know what Kelly blue book's number is too.



    punch in your numbers there. That's the best answer for what you should sell it at.

    also, while that car may be paid off,,, insurance still costs you. And if you're not really using it, you're paying for insurance that you really just don't need to pay for. kwim?
    (and your brother needs to step up with the bills, I swear!! )
Thank you skyqueen!
koala_kaper (03-12-09)
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 03-10-09 | 11:59 PM
  • He's my bil, and actually he pays half the cable and half the energy bills now
    I will talk to dh about what kind of ins we have, but I think we have pretty minimal ins on the car (he takes care of all of it, but I'll talk to him to make sure)

    I talked to him earlier tonight and he said he's really against selling the car. He says I need to have the van here so he can take the car to work and not worry that I'm stranded at home if somethign were to happen. The thing is, his parents live 5 minutes from here and my Mom is 15 from here AND he has a BUNCH of other family that lives from 5-20 minutes away. I'm not sure what he expects to go wrong that couldn't be taken care of by SOMEone (plus, if worst came to worst, there's always 911.)
    I really think we should sell it but he doesn't think we cou;d get enough for it to make it worth selling (hello? Every penney counts and helps us out?! Are we gonna get more now while it's running decent or later when it doesn't work at all?)

    I'm going to keep talking to him about it because I really think it will be fine in the long run, and when we have more money we can get a 2nd car, I just don't think it's worth having right now!
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 03-11-09 | 01:13 AM
  • I would get rid of the car pronto. Why doesn't your brother just buy it from you? I would put the money toward the cc debt and try to get that paid of asap then you can put that money toward the van.

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