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Money Management is Key

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  • Jessica786 02-21-09 | 04:20 PM
  • I recently attended a conference called the Millionaire Mind. It's gotten great reviews and the guy who runs it (Harv), he has taught many wealthy people money management and the keys to a happy life without worrying about money.
    He suggests that money management is key and setting up different funds to allocate your money is a necessity. I wanted to share. He says your income should be split up like this:

    50% - necessities
    10% - play account - treat yourself with this
    10% - education account - for continuous learning
    10% - financial freedom account - money here should go into passive investments
    10% - emergency fund - store cash
    10% - giving account - give and you'll feel good and perform better.

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  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 02-21-09 | 04:50 PM
  • Welcome!
    We love hearing about people making smart choices with their money!

    I am sorry I edited your post and took out your siggy. We can't have ads in our siggy's unless cleared by the admin.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 02-21-09 | 05:43 PM

    to TBC. Thanks for the insight. That's what this board is all about.
  • Jessica786 03-04-09 | 02:44 AM
  • Not a problem, I didn't mean to advertise, lol. I was just really a big fan of the seminar!
    I'll be sure to give some more updates of other seminars and books I read. I love the self-help and money related books and i'm always looking for new ways of thinking and ideas.